The following are letters from our customers covering a variety of topics from customer service to the artwork in general. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! We are sincerely grateful. Feel free to send a comment. If you don't want your comment published, just let us know. We'd still like to hear from you.


Your music is hypnotizing. Vocals are poetry. I've read your books and amazing. Played your game too which is brilliant. Hope mote books are in the future please.  I love listening to music when I sleep, relax and visualize the story behind each CD. So unique, different. I see you making a movie and it becomes a hit. Your creativity, uniqueness, and amazing talents in all it would be wonderful, and your art work breathe taking. Please keep giving us more.
Tonya H. - Oct 23, 2022

Thank you so much for creating and releasing the Cabinets of Doctor Arcana! My wife and I are both fans of Nox Arcana, and also fans of "point and click" games. We are loving Doctor Arcana and we dearly hope that you will consider releasing further games based on Nox Arcana's existing albums!
John R.—Dec 25, 2018

Dearest Joseph,
        I am writing to voice some of the thoughts I had the other day, and I hope it won’t seem too weird or something. You are a genius. Not unlike those who created in days of old. That music of yours! Boy, is it fantabulous! I hear the impossible in its every accord, I see a soul in it. There is no other musician like you today; all the others, they are so not real, what they play is not that tangible. Their music is merely music, now good, now a travesty of beauty, but yours—yours is not only music. It is poetry. It is art. It is something else. I trust every single tune Nox Arcana makes. What you do, you do impeccably well. You feel the motifs you are implying, and the images, the notions you depict are not fake. Listening to these melodies, I know you have been there—in that dark, and beauteous, and melancholic, and surreal realm you yours; and I understand that there is no better way to express what they suggest.
        Again, you are a genius. A philosopher. An aesthete. Not some phony who would presume to be all of that, and yet would be so... modern. You, Joseph, do not bear that ugly impress of falsity, you are a passéist, true to his art and to his self. There are few, if any, left who would have even a vague semblance to what you seem to me, through your artwork and your music alike.
Leonid M.—Jul 3, 2018

I just love  your art and music. It speaks to something deep inside of me.  I've always been odd/different. I used to see "spirits" when I was very young and I scared relatives describing them to them. I've loved vampires, witches, ghosts and werewolves in film all my life. Your music is so enchanting and mesmerizing.  It's somehow soothing to me as well. I just got Gothic and I love every song. It's amazing how artistic and creative you are. You come up with fantastic CD after fantastic CD and they're all fabulous and all different.  I love Transylvania, Phantoms of the High Seas, Necronomicon, Grimm Tales and Carnival of Lost Souls especially though I truly do enjoy all your CD's. I just got one of your books to read. I love scary stories.  I know I'm going to enjoy yours especially. Thank you for the enormous pleasure your music brings to me and for the exciting chills and thrills your music makes me feel as well.  
Eve J. - Sept 30, 2017

Hello Monolith Graphics, Last night I finished reading the final book in The Dark Tower trilogy.  I cannot even begin to explain how vivid these stories are, as well as the hope that this book series has given me for the real world.  Despite the events of The Dark Tower being fiction, they reflect real struggles and conflicts that occur on a daily basis; both internal and external.  Before I read these stories, my own concept of 'good' and 'evil' was very different from what it is now.  I also used to believe that suffering and hardship was a cruel reality of this world that was completely unnecessary, but now I think I can appreciate it more, knowing that it can reveal the true nature of individuals.  As I was reading the stories, pieces of the puzzle began making more sense to me.  I actually understood the Catholic mythology used in the stories very well, as I was raised Catholic as a child, although I have since then gone my own way with faith in a higher power. Brom was a very interesting and relatable character.  All of the suffering that he endured by watching over the Tower for so long was actually comforting.  Life can sometimes be relentless, but reading about the constant struggles Brom faced made me a little bit more appreciative of life.  It also helped me understand that suffering is not always in vain.  I guess if anything, the story was very encouraging.  Very few books have drawn so much emotion, or have even been life-changing.  Great stories are not only ones that can transport the reader into their world, but also change the reader's life for the better.  This is very rare today. Joseph Vargo and the other contributing writers did an excellent job. 
Benjamin - Sept 7, 2017

I live in the Philippines, and believe me when I say Tarot decks are very scarce here. I am rather preppy and square and not a goth at all, but I remember that the first time I saw The Gothic Tarot in all its glory, I felt a truly special affinity with it. The characters and landscapes felt like people and places I knew intimately, perhaps in the unplumbed terrains of my dreams? I fell for it, hard. I have admired The Gothic Tarot from afar for a decade or so, and now I have the deck and the Compendium book in my hands. I felt it was about time, so I ordered them overseas. Just performed two special readings with it last night, and I can tell it would be my cherished companion for a long time. I believe I've never felt so powerfully for something for quite a while. From the abyss if my heart, I truly thank you for these dark treats. With my profuse gratitude.
Raymond - Nov 24, 2016

All I can say about this company is... Their products are fantastic! The customer service is even better. We will keep coming back again and again! Thank you!!
Pam - Jun 1, 2016

I'm from Bucharest, Romania. I've been a fan of Nox Arcana for a few years now and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort, the emotions and energies you put in your work. The music resonates with me and the way I see the world and life, in a very natural way. I recently collected the Monolith Graphics package from the post office, containing 20 CDs of Nox Arcana music, The Gothic Tarot Compendium (with The Gothic Tarot deck) and the Madame Endora's Fortune Cards deck. It was a great surprise for me to find an extra CD plus other gifts. I, myself, am an aspiring artist and your work has influenced my style in music, photography, writing and my life in general. I thank you Joseph Vargo, William Piotrowski, Christine Filipak and Joseph Iorillo for your work. I truly appreciate it and that's why I wanted to write this appreciation letter instead of a simple "thank you" phrase. I hope I get to meet you in this life, it would be an honor. With the utmost esteem,
Andrei - Jan 20, 2016

Loved my order! I received my order and was so excited to see all the cool goodies I got!  I wanted to thank you for sending some extra cool goodies as well!  I've been really enjoying the music and the artwork.  Thanks so much!
Tamara - Nov 18, 2015

I received the newest CD  in time for Hallows Eve as promised and love it but I was delighted to find three "postcards" of Joseph 's artwork included.  I bought a frame for my favorite and have it now where I can see it..the dark angel kneeling in a graveyard. ..his work touches me greatly...will be ordering more soon. Blessed be,
Jacki - Nov 9, 2015

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I've bought all your albums and I must say that Joseph does a superb job at the music he composes. I love Nox Arcana! I was so happy when I saw that a new album was coming out! I just wanted to quickly say that in the album Gothic, my favorite songs are Ashes to Ashes, Forgotten By Time, The Portrait Gallery, Familiar Haunts... Let's face it, the whole album is AWESOME!! Especially Rise of the Ancestors. Keep Creating :).......please?
Carlos - October 16, 2015

Carnival of Lost Souls—I love it! You did it again! I just got this CD and I love it just as I love Transylvania, Grimm Tales and Phantoms on the High Seas. How do you do it over and over again? I still have two more CD's to listen to Darklore Manor and Blackthorn Asylum, but I have to play this one a few more times first. How neat to put the great rock number at the end ("Spellbound"). I simply love it. I've got to get the rest of your CD's.  I love them all.
Eve - Aug 29, 2015

I just found out about Nox Arcana. I have always been fascinated with vampires, werewolves, ghosts and haunted houses. I just wanted to say how fantastic your music is. I just got my first two CDs, Transylvania and Grimm Tales. I'm going to buy more soon. I love the music. I love the fabulous background vocalists. The music is soothing yet chilling. It's exciting and thrilling. It's beautiful and out of this world. It calls to something deep inside of me. I love Nox Arcana. Keep making these great CDs.
      What first attracted me to Nox Arcana were the album covers. I love them!   What a creative genius Vargo is! These pictures are fascinating, chilling, fantastic and beautiful. Then there's the music. It takes you to another place and time. Bravo, Nox Arcana! I bought 2 CDs and now I'm hooked. I love this kind of music. I love the haunting yet soothing quality of the songs. I love my Transylvania CD. I've got to buy more!
Eve Jefferson - Aug 22, 2015

I'm really pleased with Madame Endora's Fortune Cards. I live in the UK, and was really impressed with the speed i received them, would recommend this site and cards to anybody serious about card reading. Normally i go for very bright visual cards, these are just as bright and visual in their own way. Do yourselves a favour and buy them, even with postage they were good buy.
Stuart - July 29, 2015

I came across Joseph through his artwork and a previous project, so I was thrilled when heard about Nox Arcana. It is more than music, it is a journey into beautiful darkness for me.  It inspires me and speaks to me. It would be awesome and an honor to one day meet Nox Arcana.  Dark Blessings Eternally.
Angel - Feb 1, 2015

You are amazing and all of your work from the composition, the art, the story telling and let's not forget the musical talent! One of a kind sound that no other group can match! Beautiful, haunting and powerful music! I love the website also and all of the unique stuff that you have for purchase. Keep up the good work. Fan for life here! I hope someday you create some Nox Arcana vinyl records for purchase!
Tom Trocc, Jan 18, 2015

From first viewing of artwork to first listen, I was drawn in to this dark, sinister, seductive world. I still have and cherish my signed Joseph Vargo photos well as my cds. With each song, I can visualize what is going on. It is also therapeutic.   Thank you for the gifts of art and music.  Dark Blessings.
Angel, Jan 15, 2015

I'm am a HUGE fan of Nox Arcana! I've read The Dark Tower book, and I love this music of yours. Your new Ebonshire albums are amazing as well. Anyway, just thought I would tell you about my experience with your music. Definently 5 stars! (that's only because ratings are usually only limited to a lousy five stars, but if I could I would give you so many stars, the night sky would be jealous). Anyway, keep composing guys! You guys are so awesome!!!
Carlos Parsons, Dec 22, 2014

Just wanted to say that I absolutely admire your work! You are indeed an artist in every sense of the word! Yesterday I ordered your album Legion of Shadows. I have also been introducing your work to my friends and family who are also new fans of your's now! Keep up the awesome work, you are a huge inspiration to me!
Rayford, Dec 8, 2014

I am such a  huge fan of your music; it is so captivating, so inspiring. Whenever I write horror story, I play one of your compositions. I just don't have enough words to express myself fully. Thank you for composing this great art, I hope you will continue your work as long as you are alive. And I hope you will be alive forever.
Aleksandar, Dec 7, 2014

Wonderfully created music! I don't want to stop hearing about awesome deals to awesome music! I just want to say that I love this season because it gives me a reason to play Legion of Shadows or any Nox Arcana CD I have nice and loud. Great music and I am extremely anxious to hear other masterpieces from the Amazing Nox Arcana! 
Carlos Parsons, Oct 1, 2014

Just this evening I came across your music for the first time, checking out different versions of "Scarborough Fair." Amazing music! It's not at all my scene, but I LOVE the music! Thanks for being you and creating these wonderful songs and melodies. Much Love and Blessings.
Annemieke, Sept 26, 2014

Your music ★♪♡∞  I just wanted to let you know that I really love your music. It's beauitful and most songs just touch me in a certain way. A good way. I just discovered your site. I'm a fan, of course. Thank you for sharing your music on youtube. My next move is to purchase some shirts. Gd night )O(
Chauntele Rice, Aug 2, 2014

You guys are totally amazing. You have inspired me so much while writing my first dark stories book. I am totally speechless to describe my happiness when I've discovered your marvelous music. I wish you all the best.
Muaath, June 5, 2014

Forever Timeless. I discovered your music when I was 12. Six years later, I still listen to you. Thank you for the wonderful years of drawing me into your mystic worlds of magic and curses! Music that we like in middle school doesn't always age with us, but your music is enjoyed by all ages, and with beautiful stories. I think Nox Arcana is a band that will always stay with me :)
Cristelle, May 14, 2014

I am eternally grateful to @sethanikeem and @NoxArcana for creating Blood of Angels. It has changed my life in many positive ways.
Luke Fisher, Apr 7, 2014

Perfect Reading Music. You guys are absolutely amazing when it comes to creating a dark, dreary atmosphere. I picked up your album Necronomicon on a whim and began reading "At The Mountains of Madness" while I listened to the record. I have got to tell you, nothing comes close to properly conveying the air of Lovecraft's stories like your work. Now I listen to you guys all the time and my days are always filled with your gothic harmonies. Much love and respect.
Sawyer Greve, Mar 11, 2014

"Pax Terra" is one of the most moving pieces of music that I have ever heard! Yes it is kind of a dark and foreboding piece but, it is also strangely uplifting and peaceful, as well. Although, I do not understand a word of Latin, this piece is so powerfully moving spiritually that I just had to have it. I had to have this so much so that although, I have NEVER attempted in my 59 years of life to pay for and download a piece of music from the internet that I downloaded you work for Amazon. Until this I heard this piece on youtube I had never even heard of Nox Arcana. I don't know what moved you all to provide us with such beauty, but I can only hope that somewhere in your creative spirits you can find such magical inspiration again during your musical careers.
William Henry, Feb 25, 2014

We want to thank you for all the fantastic music that keeps us inspired. Your imagination and effort you put into making this magical music full of history and amazing concepts (including the lyrics) makes us want to listen to more and more throughout the time. We also want to praise the astonishing fantasy art done by Joseph Vargo.
Hugs! Jessica and Silvana, Jan 28, 2014

I've been listening to Nox Arcana not long ago, but I've definitely found a source of inspiration and life in your beautiful music and the lyrics are really strong and full of meaning. I want you to continue to do this amazing thing that awakens surprising feelings. So far, I think that Darklore Manor, House Of Nightmares and Necronomicon are the best albums, but it really is difficult to choose amongst these beauties! Thanks a lot for this.
Kisses and best wishes, JB, Jan 28, 2014

The best music of gothic horror that I hear. It's great to de-stress from the problems, I can safely relax and great fantasy stories. I'm really happy and I hope to see you someday.
Cheers :-) /Katarzyna Wilk from Poland, Jan 8, 2014

I just now listened to Legion of Shadows and I literally lost my mind from how overwhelmingly beautiful it was. It's your best work yet, maestro. I could literally feel the music coursing through my veins and entering my heart.
Love, Adrienne, Oct 31, 2013

In your music I can feel my childhood imagination. Thanks. :)
Nika, Oct 22, 2013

I like your new CD Legion of Shadows. Great music.
Anthony Douglas, Oct 17, 2013

Over the years I have purchased 12 Nox Arcana CDs. I love everyone of them and find each one of them unique. They are fantastic and I always look forward to buying the new releases. When listening to them to can visualize the scenery and can easily get caught up in the emotion and feeling of the music. I love them and recommend them to anyone who love the dark and mysterious side.
Dave Buehner, Oct 9, 2013

Hello, I just wanted to drop a line and let you guys know I much I enjoy your music. Great talented folks.. please keep your haunting music coming for the scary years ahead!!
Yours truly, Anthony Cashmere, Sept 17, 2013

Since the very first time I listened to your music I knew that I was in love. I studied English literature and right now I am working with J.S. LeFanu's tales. Whenever I read about the evil Irish fairies and Carmilla I listen to your music. I'm a huge fan of audiobooks too, and my dream is to record Carmilla with your music in the background, that would be just so... Amazing. Moreover, with your music I could write one of my better short tales. Thanks... for everything. You have a faithful follower in Mexico. Your music awakes the most pleasant shadows in my heart and my soul.
Laura Salas, August 22, 2013

Hello, I just wanted to say how much Nox Arcana means to me. I discovered the music when I was much younger and have been in love with it ever since. Every song has such depth and evokes such emotion..Nox Arcana is a truly a gift to the world. Joseph and William, you are both very talented men and I have bought your work time and time again, with no intention of stopping. My children will be raised listening to Nox Arcana just as I have been and I cannot thank you enough for the effort and passion put into your work.
Forever yours, Rachel, April 3, 2013

I am a drama director for a small high school in Vermont. We are doing a one act performance of Macbeth and my students just love your music. The kids use a little of "Highland Storm" for their battle scene; "Stygian Depths" for the Witches and "Mist Loch" for Lady Macbeth's sleep walking scene. I am so thrilled to see how your music inspired my young actors!
Tracey Wesley Mar 6, 2013

Hi there! I'm a huge fan of your music and absolutely adore the piano book you guys have put out. I'm always using it! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next, and I will continue to enjoy your music for as long as you guys are still putting it out. Keep being awesome!
Sincerely, Carissa H., Feb 28, 2013

Firstly, thank you eternally for the music that you create. I listen to it year-round, rarely without breaks, especially in my car to and from work. All the themes are unique and special, and so it was as I was listening to Winter's Eve on the way home on this beautiful moonlit night. Each genre of music you do always embodies it perfectly, and works in so many ways. I also hope for another fantasy themed album in the vein of Blood of the Dragon. It is always a favorite for the D&D campaigns my wife and I run, to play your music for many types of situations. May Nox Arcana live forever, and may your albums always be rewarding and fulfilling for you to create. Your respectful and devoted fan from the moment he first bought Darklore Manor at the local Spirit Halloween store...
Brent Spotswood, Feb 26, 2013

Hello Joseph Vargo. You have absolutely no idea how much I admire your work ever since I was 15 years old. Whenever I am about to draw something new, I do it while listening to your magnificent music, which by the way gives me goose bumps whenever listen to it. I have always been fond of your music and the fact that you illustrate your own music cover is even more amazing.
Bekir Can Guven, from Turkey, Feb 24, 2013

Hi I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I love your music. I have been a fan of both the music and Joseph Vargo's artwork since about seventh grade (I am now in my second year of college). You guys never fail to impress me, and the new album is...I don't even know if words can describe how much I love it. It has not left my cars' CD player since I got it. I cannot wait to see what Nox Arcana and Joseph Vargo has to offer in the future.
Blessed Be, Catherine P., Jan 20, 2013

Hello, I would like to say I love your work and I have tried to make some of my own music with a similar style. I can already say that you guys are way better and more talented. What I like the most about your music is how it can tell a story even without vocals. Thank you for sharing your music with the world and keep it up!
Eastederd Baal , Dec 12, 2012

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for yet another great album! I bought it almost as soon as it was up on Google Play. You know, other musicians end up making boring or annoying music after a few good albums. You lot just keep making awesome stuff, no matter what. Keep it up. ;)
Cheers, Harry Brennan, Dec 3, 2012

Hello Joseph and William, I just wanted to say that I love, love, love all your music! But my favorite are the Winter themed CDs. Winter's Knight and Winter's Eve are just magical! I can't wait for the new one,
Uncle Kiwi, Oct 7, 2012

Dear Nox Arcana, The music that you are composing is fantastic, horrifying and has that creepy nice touch. Especially the organ songs; I love the organ sounds in your music. Thanks for all the good music you guys make and keep on!
Toby, September 30, 2012

I just want to say thank you. Your music is very different and imaginative. It takes me back to medieval times or the 17th century. I discovered your music in 2005 at a local Halloween shop. It was also my first exposure to this genre of music. The CD in question was Transylvania. I was so blown away by it. Been a fan ever since. The music is very inspirational and I often listen to it why doing homework or writing a book. Thank you and I hope you guys keep up the great work.
Megan Lettington, Sept 23, 2012

Dear Nox Arcana, Since discovering your music, I am hooked! I think your music and artwork are fantastic, capturing the moods and atmospheres spot on! I am working my way through your discography now having bought 8 already. I wondered if you'd consider a CD based on Horror of the Mummy's Tomb or even a Witch Trial in future?
All the best.
Andy, September 14, 2012

I am a huge fan. I started listening to Nox Arcana because of a youtube link on a writing website I go on frequently, and was first introduced to The Raven. I have always been interested in the darker side. I find the music and artwork beautiful and emotional, and impressive when the inspiration can range to be something as small as a fleeting shadow in a flickering candle, or to something as big as a howl in the middle of the night at the center of a terrifyingly dark forest. I also have to comment on the artwork of Joseph Vargo! Beautiful detail and just amazing art in general! Absolutely brilliantly done. Once again, amazing music, equally incredible artwork! I admire Nox Arcana very much. Thank you, and good luck with everything!
Rebecca Katashi, May 4, 2012

Dear Nox Arcana, I am a big fan of your works and consider you my favorite dark ambient music artist.
Peter Schneider, April 29, 2012

Good day to you Joseph and William,
Wow, where can I even begin? I suppose a few good words would be "phantasmagorical, " "inspiring, " "haunting, " and "beautiful." Those are the four words I'd pick if asked to describe the music of Nox Arcana, but even those words do not do it justice. As a writer, I have found each and every single one of your albums an inspiration. I don't just listen to the music during Halloween or Yule; your music creates a soundtrack for every day of the year. Phantoms of the High Seas and Blood of the Dragon have been the ultimate inspiration for two unpublished collections of stories that I have written — the story lines of these collections were drawn from your music and the titles of your songs. Winter's Knight was the inspiration for an unpublished novella in the same vein. When I hear the opening of any Nox Arcana album and the beautiful voice that sets up the stage for a tale to be told, a shiver goes up my spine; this happens with the song "Pax Terra" in particular. There is something about that song that creates an entire vision before my very eyes. My Christmas cards that I send to family and friends are adorned with Joseph's beautiful Winter's Eve and Winter's Knight artwork. I have the autographed book of Joseph's paintings on my desk, and The Gothic Tarot deck and companion. Needless to say, I have been captivated and enthralled by everything in the Nox Arcana world. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful music and art you have given us. I hope that you will continue to create these masterful symphonies for many years to come.
Blessed be, Dante

Joseph, you are truly, amazingly talented. I have listened to every vivid and breathtaking album you've created. You have really inspired me in this New Age Gothic genre of music. Best wishes, and keep up the artwork and dark worlds of shadow tales because it's an amazing phenomena. 
Bless you monsieur,
Jon Brooks, April 12, 2012

I just ordered all your cds. I see the beauty of what you are doing with your music. It speaks to me. Great music. Please keep it up. 
David Bissett, March 23, 2012

Hello, just thought I'd let you know I love the music.
Kim Mac, March 18, 2012

I decided to write my own tidbit in the praise section of the site. I’m not musically educated as most seem to be. Though I love the instrumentals of your music. It’s Amazing. It’s calming, dark and takes me to another time when listening to it. I first discovered Nox Arcana in 2005. The Transylvania CD caught my eye so I bought it. Listened to it and loved it. Been a fan of your music ever since. I love the beautiful haunting quality about it all.
Megan Lettington, March 10, 2012

Hello, I would like to let you know, that your music has been inspiration to myself. It's helped me with the artwork I've made. And it's relaxing in many ways. So, I'm just thanking you for the great and amazing work you've done for many to hear. I get much joy and hope to hear more. Creepy, but beautiful.
Love, Skyler Jensen, Mar 7, 2012

All your cds rock and my favorite is Blackthorn Asylum. Its so creepy and awesome!
Larry Kalk, Canada, Feb 29, 2012

I am totally delighted. After a year of searching, I now realize how easy it is to have acces to a fantastic artist. I have enjoyed Nox Arcana for years and Joseph's Gothic Tarot deck is superb. I collect as well as consult. This is a favorite.
Blessed Be,
Jacki Gaddie, Jan 12, 2012

I find myself at a loss of words, After obtaining the newest masterpiece from Nox Arcana, The Dark Tower. I must thank you all very much for adding such an amazing album to the unearthly collection of haunting and gothic music I have grown to cherish for nearly a decade. The Dark Tower will not be leaving my cd player for a VERY long time. Thank you very much!
Todd Carpenter, Nov 23, 2011

I am an absolute admirer of your work. It is the quintessential Halloween "special event" music, and no one gets people more in the mood than you geniuses!
Keep up the incredible work!
Thomas G, Nov 10, 2011

You guys are the best man. Just totally awesome. No music producer or maker is as cool as you guys. It's like every track on your cd tells a story when the fan listens to it! My favorite is Blackthorn Asylum. Man that's awesome. Just love every track on it, but my favs are "Dementia 13", "Frenzy" and the electroshock clip including the voice telling us about the patients in the mental asylum. Blackthorn Asylum is just perfect for Halloween, and I really hope you guys have a good one!
Bekki, Oct 29, 2011

Hello Joseph,
Last night I was finally able to give your new "Dark Tower" album the time and attention that it deserves.
Where to begin? How about... Incredible!
     I am usually drawn to one or two tracks on all of your albums and on this one "Undying Love" and "King of Fools" are the two that demand my attention, but the entire album from start to finish is just wonderful. Your talent as both a composer and an arranger is truly showcased here.  The complexity level at which the instruments and vocals are layered is simply amazing to me.
      Arthur C. Clarke once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, " and last night as I listened to your work on "The Dark Tower", this phrase kept creeping into my mind. With many musicians your senses know that the artist is using sampling and electronics in place of the actual instrument. This is something I have never experienced while listening to any of your compositions. I never get the sense of hearing a sample or a patch that I have heard somewhere else. Your sound is truly unique to you.
      When I listen to tracks like "Crimson Thirst", "Vesper Tolls" or "The Dark Tower" the image I see in my mind is not that of a single musician in a studio surrounded by a wall of electronics, rather, I see a living landscape. I see an abandoned Monastery. I see a moonlit landscape. When I hear your pipe organ playing, I see a Gothic Cathedral with a full pipe organ at one end—In other words, I don’t see the performer, I see the story.
      I can only imagine how much time and effort it must have taken for you to create this album, but please realize that your musical talent and abilities are truly appreciated. You are as close to the definition of a "Renaissance Man" as any person I have ever encountered. Thanks for doing what you do.
Jeff, Oct 14, 2011

I love the music that you guys make! I use it so much when I run my Ravenloft campaigns, the music fits perfectly with the Gothic horror style that I run my games on. Your music can be used in any setting the players come across, thanks for making this beautiful music!
Lena Mae, Oct 20, 2011

Dear Nox Arcana
I am absolutely a huge fan of your work! I feel your music defines me as a person, it portrays my feelings and emotions in ways that words never could especially Shadow of the Raven. The music you create is just absolutely stunning and beautiful and its just so dark and chilling it feels like it grabs my soul. I never heard anything like it before. It gives me the goosebumps! Every time I hear it I can't believe my ears its just that amazing! I've listened to every single album and I still can't get enough. I'm sooo glad your albums are like 20 or more songs each not the normal 10-13 because it satisfies my need for the music so much better :D so don't ever stop doing that. I hope you have taken the time to read my letter, I hope you guys never stop making such wonderful music! You stole my heart! :)
Feanaro Arcamenel, Oct 18, 2011

Have to say your Cd's are amazing.  I listen to them year around not just during the Halloween season. The music is beautiful especially your Winter's Knight with some Gregorian chant in the mix.  Very ethereal.  I was even married on Halloween so am a serious spooky individual that hopes you keep rolling out the music and books as well.  My husband is a heavy metal guitarist like some of your musicians.  Knowing what goes into making music I am always in awe when I hear talent like you have amassed for your CD's. You guys rock!!!!!!
Jody Wenzel

Dark Tower received! Joseph Vargo you are brilliant — love your music and artwork. I have all your CDs and your postcards are clipped to my bulletin board.
Thank you again,
Rachel H., Oct 6, 2011

You guys seriously have some of the best dark instrumental music out there! The first album I heard was Winter's Eve, about two years ago. Since then I've bought every album on iTunes and I can't wait until The Dark Tower comes out! I listen to your music whenever I paint, it really does help to set the mood. Even though I have all the albums digitally I hope I can buy all the physical copies one day! I can't go a day without hearing a few songs off of the Transylvania album, which is one of my favorites. I hope you both keep making music for a long time!
Marie Jung, Sept 25, 2011

Even though I'm new to your music I love it!!! I wish I had come across it years and years ago! I'm a Halloween freak! I love forward to Halloween ALL year! And your music is the BEST!! It does wonders for my haunt!!!! I bought Carnival of Lost Souls and listened to every bit of it. It's so great! Every year my garage is transformed into my Halloween Haunt and Nox Arcana is definitely the best music for it! I intend to buy two more this year, now that I see you have so many.
Thank You so much!
Melanie, August 7, 2011

Darkest greetings,
Thanx so much for making the music u create... it's blissfully dark & divine. U soooo get a 10 from me :D
Morticia, August 1, 2011

"Music is what feelings sound like." You guys express yourselves through your music and I must say...such an honor to feel what you feel. Calming, Relaxing, Dark, Mysterious, keep up your work.
Thank you,
Zach Farhat, July 28, 2011

Thank you so much for creating the music that you do.  It is inspiring and magicaL and absolutely beautiful.
Joseph Matusik, July 25, 2011

Your music is just awesome. Never thought I'd be listening this type of music, but I just can't get enough. Can't wait for the next release.
Micah, July 17, 2011

I just wanted to say Thank you for creating beautiful music that inspires the hearts and minds of so many, including myself. I hope to hear more music in the future from your band. Peace and hope all is well.
MimikNVisions, June 13, 2011

I love this music. It's what I've been hunting for over the past few years. Having reached the conclusion that film music was more attractive than many other forms these days I first came across Necronomicon and was hooked. I'd enjoyed music by Luca Turilli and Rhapsody but by the time I'd heard a few more Nox Arcana albums I knew where my musical tastes were better served. I've now got most of the Nox Arcana, the latest being Blackthorn Asylum. I'm buying them in any order and they all conjour up images that feed the imagination. Listen to the albums is like creating your own mental movie. It's all very evocative. I hope there will be plenty more to come.
Best wishes,
Mr. Kim Lay, Brightlingsea UK, June 1, 2011

Just wanted to say I've been a fan of your music for a long time! Keep up the good work. Your haunting music seems to weave a surreal dreamworld for me no matter where or when I listen to it. :) Hope to see you come out with more music soon!
Best regards,
Katie, February 7, 2011

Earlier today, I received my orders, Winter's Knight and Winter's Eve. I live in Canada and am amazed at how fast they arrived. I would like to thank you so much for the CDs and the extra Theater of Illusion poster and Nox Arcana postal cards! The artwork on the postal cards are stunning, I have decided to put them in picture frames and keep them! I now have Winter's Knight, Winter's Eve and Transylvania. The music is great and I will be buying more CDs from you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler - Jan 31, 2011

Congradulations on your 20th anniversary from my wife and I in British Columbia! Your interest in my family and our love of your music has endeared you to our hearts. Your music has enthralled my family and I, and your continued prosperity excites and brings joy. I wish you all another 20 years together in success and fun!
Merry Christmas,
Sean and Charleen - Nov 26, 2010

Hi, thanks for the helpful answer. Your a good service. A lot of stores can learn from your good service.
Nanoeshka, Belgium - Oct 27, 2010

Hello, I recently purchased The Gothic Tarot, as well as Tales From The Dark Tower and The Legend of Darklore Manor. I just wanted to say that I highly respect Monolith Graphics for these awesome products, and I'm happy I can purchase them. Please keep creating great art, and literature. I'll keep gazing in awe. Thanks for your time.
Josh Mishoe - Aug 13, 2010

Just a line to say many thanks for the swift service to the UK, we are over the moon with the cards and my wife loves her journal, the music is just fantastic a hit with all of the family. Hope to do business with you again. All the best.
Andy - Sept 15, 2010

Joseph & Christine,
Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying The Gothic Tarot I purchased about a month ago. The art is beautiful and so exqusitly dark. Thank you,
Beckey King - Mar 16, 2010

Dear Monolith Graphics and Mr. Vargo,
I just wanted to send a brief note saying thank you for all your art and products. I've enjoyed them all for many years now. I'm very captivated by the beauty of all the artwork and music. It's very hard to find wonderful Gothic things that have real value and actual heart and soul put into it. My only wish is that you continue on with all your wonderous art as I look forward to more.
Always your loyal fan and customer,
Diana Martinez - June 13, 2009

My wife ordered me your Legend of Darklore Manor book and CD combo for my birthday. I have just started reading "Sister Salvation" and so far I have not been disappointed. My only question is this, have you ever given any thought to writing any stories based on some of your other albums? In my opinion Carnival of Lost Souls would make a great story if it were further expanded on. Whatever you guys do please keep up the awesome work, I check your page frequently to see what new horrific adventures you have for your fans.
Blane - Jan 14, 2009

I just wanted to write to you guys that you are amazing and I am a great fan of yours. I had been to Salem this past summer and found your merchandise. I had purchased the Gothic Tarot and two cds. Mind you I had been a fan before that, which was why I purchased. I love Darklore Manor and was surprised how accurate the Tarot deck is. My gf loves to use my cards lol. Not to mention I am a great fan of Vargo's paintings. I just wanted you to know how greatful I am.
Julie H – Apr 23, 2008

I would like to thank the artist that could finally take all my fantasies, dreams, imagination and bring them to life on paper in living color. Your drawings took me to a place where I thought I was scared to go before. You art gives me more encouragement and inspiration to keep my mind open than I thought possible. Keep doing what your doing and you have a fan for life.
     I came across your music first on itunes to which I bought Transylvania, very very good CD by the way, it makes everything around me seem minimal when I am lost in your music. Your CD is one of my favorites, I love it. You are quite a talented threat Mr. Vargo!
Many Blessings talented one, and thanks again.
TaMarra Swensen – Feb 12, 2008

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for the goods I purchased from u recently. The service was fantastic and the items I received, even better than I could have hoped for. Thanks again.
Mark & Jodie Beehag, Australia – Jan 28, 2008

     The Gothic Tarot Compendium arrived this week and inside the package was a surprise copy of your new CD Shadow of the Raven. It was fantastic. I listened to it and read your book all night long. Thank you so much for the inscription and for signing the book.
     The book has changed the way I think about everything. I knew it would change the way I see the cards but now I see 'images' everywhere I go and I interpret those images according to things you have said in your book.
     And, your music has become my music of choice. I'd rather listen to your music than any other music. In one sense you've ruined other bands for me because they all sound so dull by comparison. I'll be listening to a favorite band all the time thinking, 'I'd rather be listening to Nox Arcana.
     Did you know that Baltimore, my home town, was home to Poe? We sponsored a goth gathering a couple of years ago and we took the early arrivers to the Poe House and gravesite for a tour. These are beautiful gothic places right here in my backyard. Perhaps some day I can show you these places if you have not seen them already.
     You are a magnificent talent Joseph Vargo. Once again I thank you for sharing it so generously with me.
Many blessings,
David Dellman - Sept 15, 2007

I just received my order yesterday, and I wanted to thank you for the promptness and the care that was put into packaging the items I purchased.
Thank you very much.
Shankara Knightwolf – Apr 26, 2007

Late last week I ordered a calender, cd and sticker from you. I received them today. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my order and how quickly you sent it to me. Thank you so much. I've been a fan of Joseph Vargo/Monolith Graphics/Nox Arcana for quite some time and couldn't be happier with everything. You'll be hearing from me again.
Melissa Green – Nov 14, 2006

Received my order today, very fast shipping. Loved everything, calendar, Gothic Tarot cards, FANGtastic artwork!!!
Bill "Drac" Edwards, Fright Factory – Sep 14, 2006

I can't tell you how excited and pleased I was to receive your package in the mail! My girlfriend and I really enjoyed looking at all of your amazing artwork... I mean, it literally made my day! What an awesome body of work you've created! One thing is for certain, you are infused with the true gothic spirit.
Eddie – Aug 21, 2006

Dear Mr. Vargo, I am just writting to say that you have the most beautiful works of art and beauty that I have ever seen.
Jessica – 04.20.06

I got the things today, couldn't believe it would go so fast!! Everything was in perfect condition also, no harm to package. And... what Great things!!! Really Beautiful!!! I took one of each of Nox Arcana's cds home, and I love the music! Never heard anything like it before. Was "sold" when I heard the samples on your website, and the cds really are quality! I put the stuff out in my shop late this afternoon, and hope that my customers find it as thrilling as I did!
Monika, Shiptella-Sweden – 02.21.06

I just got my gothic tarot deck. The artwork is incredible. Thank you very much for being so quick in the delivery.
Steven Savoy – 02.13.06

I wanted to tell you I love the artwork (as well as music) by Joseph Vargo and already had purchased two posters a few years ago, which I framed. I have recently purchased Nightwatcher poster, which I will matte and frame for my bedroom to mount above my bed (my own gargoyle for protection as I sleep).
     If anyone ever asks, the color Windsor Haze by Behr is a color paint that works very well with his artwork. I just tonight painted my room in it to coordinate to the art for the decor. The accent color is Fog, which also brings out the lighter hues...just in case you were curious. I have never painted, or decorated for that matter, an entire room based on one person's art, so this was a first for me.
     Thank you very much for the wonderful art, music and mystery.. it is loved by many, I am sure, but in very much particular by me.
In gratitude
Lisa – 01.22.06

Hello Joseph! Just thought I'd let you know the Winter's Knight cd arrived today, and it is wonderful. Just positively mesmerizing... even better than the sampler hinted at. I am continually awed and thrilled with your art, your music, and the extremely high quality of your products. The gorgeous Yule cards will be for special people, and many of them are eagerly anticipating their arrival. Your artbook is equally amazing, and I adore browsing it and gazing raptly at the art inside. You paint what I only desire to capture on film. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us! :D
En aeternum
Bethany Lerie – 11.18.05

Joseph, As usual your calendar is filled with outstanding art work! Nox Arcana's two most recent CDs, Transylvania & Winter's Knight, continue to thrill the dark recesses of my soul! Who can fear the darkness when it's filled with such beauty? Who can fear the night when its music resonates with the darkness within? ... and Christine, Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much I love the Madame Endora 2006 calendar! The artwork is stunning! You MUST find time to do an art book of your own! And many thanks for the wonderful work you do on Nox Arcana's CDs.
Darkest Blessing
Adele Palombi – 11.02.05

Hello. I'm sending this in order to inform you that the package was received today, in perfect condition, and the items are even better live than on screen (and they look great on screen). I have not opened the Gothic Tarot (it's a gift for my girlfriend) but I have to admit I'm tempted to keep it for myself! Many thanks for your flawless service, and I'll be sure to keep an eye on your wares (hmmm... calendars...)
Many thanks and best wishes,
José Correia – 07.15.05

Joseph, I have just received your art book in the mail. I think the book is amazing and it will remain one of my most prized possessions forever. Thankyou so much.
Your biggest fan
Fayelyn – 06.28.05

Joseph, I recently received your art book and, as always, your work takes my breath away! I have never seen any artwork by another artist who can make the night, darkness and even the ghastly so beautiful! The comments were great as they gave a different perspective on some of the pictures and revealed things I hadn't quite seen before. Congratulations to all involved in the making of this book! May the darkness always shine within you!
Darkest dreams,
Adele Palombi – 06.28.05

I just want you to know that you have captured my every thought and deepest desires in your artwork. You are absolutely astonishing. No one has ever created anything comparable to your work before. Without your work, some of us would be lost in a world of which we don't belong. Your artwork helps to express myself. It shows my world; a haunting place full of desire, need, fear, and everything beautifully dark. The beauty of it takes my breath away every time I cast my eyes upon it. It is truely a world in which I belong. Thank you for everything you've created for our dark world. You are a god.
Mistress Tiara – 06.14.05

Joseph Vargo's work is so beautiful. I've never seen anyone who could capture the beauty of the night so perfectly. His artwork is awe inspiring and I'm thankful to be able to enjoy it.
Lamia Eventine – 04.01.05

Hi just wanted to say that your stuff is fantastic. I have quite a bit of it now and it features around my home it certainly makes the place interesting. The artwork is fantastic and I love it!!!
Best wishes,
Candice – 03.30.05

Everything about this site is absolutely beautiful. Your artwork is amazing, unlike any I have seen. You are truly very talented.
Dark blessings,
Adrianna Dravyn – 03.12.05

I have been a fan of the Monolith Graphics since 1997, and it's only gotten better as the years pass. Joseph Vargo is truely a gift to the planet, and I hold him in the highest honor. I could not begin to express how thankfull and pleased everyone at Monolith has made me. Keep up the good work, we'll be watching.
All My Love,
Lady Amanda – 03.02.05

You guys have some of the best artwork and music I've seen on the web. Definitely my flavor. Keep it up guys. Kick Ass!
David Caesar – 02.14.05

Dear Joseph Vargo, your artwork is AMAZING!!! I've never seen so many gothic pictures from one artist. The other day I had to do an art critique on a piece of well, art, and I did it on your picture "Dark Desires." I went on and on about how great the texture was and the technique in the clouds... anyway, I think you're really great.
Suriel Davis – 01.29.05

Where do I begin? It's all simply amazing; the CDs, the artwork, everything. And based upon personal experience, I can say that those at Monolith Graphics are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. Keep up the good work!
Bloody kisses
Angela – 12.13.04

I just wanted to say I love your pictures. They are so beautiful. You both have an amazing talent that I could only dream of having. Also I must say you both, Joseph and Christine are very good-looking people. My favorite picture is fairy tale from the "Born of the Night" 2004 calendar. Good luck to you always.
Yours Truly,
Julia Hahn – 08.04.04

I can't tell you enough how much I love your work. I am so fascinated by everything you guys do and by your great customer service. I just wanted to thank you for your great art work, you guys definitely feed my soul. Long live Monolith!!
Maria Rojas – 08.02.04

I just had to say that I'm a great fan of your artwork! There isn't one item that you've created that I don't like. I'm truly in awe of your talent... absolutely brilliant!
Best Wishes,
Kristie Hunt – 12.17.03

I cant even begin to describe how awesome your work is. The soundtracks are AMAZING and the artwork is so incredibly beautiful. Keep it coming! ALL HAIL MONOLITH!!
Do Sin, CC

I would like to tell you how much I love your gothic artwork, it is truly exquisite. I have always been fascinated with vampires and all of the myths that accompany them. I have also enjoyed your stories and how they seem to stir up my imagination.Your books and artwork are truly amazing and I would love to see and read more of it. Thank you.

Not long ago I received the rather plump order I placed to Monolith, and I'm pleased to say I'm absolutely delighted with it! The artwork is absolutely exquisite in all respects—the twists of light/shadow and dramatic detail I particularly like, as well as the intricate mist in some of the images. I especially enjoy "Shadows," the twining shades create a fascinating complexity and sense of motion to the painting. "Dark Angel" (very striking!), "Sarcophagus" (impressive detailing!!), "Night Watcher" (interesting use of lighting and pose), and "The Dark Tower" (moody and intricate) are all some of my particular favorites of Mr. Vargo's work. As for the newer releases, "Eclipse" is absolutely stunning, I love the rich contrast. "Mara" and "Lord Dravek" are both intriguing figures, the draping effects are top-notch. "Nightmare" is quite impressive as well, the overall effect is quite dynamic. Of course, they're all wonderful, but I just had to specifically mention some of my particular favorites :-) All in all, excellent work! Thanks for the great service. You can count on future orders from me, that's for certain. Keep up the good work!
Denise Lanza

For some time now, I have been collecting postcards of your artwork from a store where I live. Just wanted to congratulate you on doing such a good job on every piece I have seen. I am an aspiring artist, although my inspiration comes from the Maya and Aztec cultures of Mexico, I appreciate your style and look forward to seeing more of your awesome paintings. Keep up the good work!

I love all of Joseph Vargos work. He is amazing, his work speaks to me. I love it, everything. His work shows pain, and darkness. When I see his work I feel alive. I can't stop looking at it. I only wish I could own all of his work. It really truly makes me feel alive, and outstanding.
Sincerely, Toni

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for getting my order filled so quickly. Also, wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the cd. I also really appreciated the calendar. I'm sharing your work among friends, which they thoroughly enjoy, as I do. Keep up the good work.
Christine McMullen

Hi. I know you've probably heard this a million times, but I just wanted to put in my part by saying I think your pictures are wonderful. They're beautiful and have so much personality and...well, I cant really explain it. But I just wanted you to know that. I was also wondering if you were designing a calendar for this year. So, thank you for reading this, and continue to make such wonderful art!

Hi! I have been ordering from you for quite some time, and just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your merchandise. Keep up the good work.

I commend you on your outstanding work and equally fine website!!! I am forwarding an order for shirts, stickers, posters, calendar, and extra copies of cds. It just so happens your music has been my inspiration for our Halloween production for the last two years! Words cannot explain the overwhelming awe and emotion our 39 actors, support staff, and hundreds of visitors felt. No one compares! Both of you should be very proud of your talents... it is my pleasure to have found you... your site... and your work. It leaves me touched, moved and inspired! I will certainly be spreading the word!!!
Rob Schultz

I just wanted to say that the images and art on your site are kick ass! Very good imagery and design. You both should be very proud of what you have here.

GEE WIZ! This morning the courier arrived with my order. I was elated and bouncing off the walls with excitement, it was just like having a frenzied birthday bash. I even deferred going to the salt mine until I had unwrapped, unrolled and revealed each poster. They really are more than what I had expected.Isn't it wonderful that even those who reside on opposite poles can appreciate the hidden treasures of life and can continue to be inspired by talents like Joseph's. Many thanks again.
Jason Welch

Hello. I cannot live my life nor breathe another breath until I tell you how powerful and intense your artwork is. Oh my God, there must be a god because there is no other explanation for your skills! I am a huge fan and will definitely be ordering a catalog and ordering madly! Your images are taken almost directly from my soul! You make the world worth seeing! As a member of the gothic community I must tell you that you have captured our culture beautifully in your works. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world and doing our culture justice. If you have time, please write me back. I would simply cry!
All my admiration,

I enjoy your art... I have collected images and calenders of yours for some time. My bedroom, I guess you can say, is in dedication to you both. I just wanted to let you know I love your work and I look forward to new items for my home.

I just received my new journal and had to tell you how truly lovely it is! Anyone who hasn't seen these in person doesn't know what they are missing. Also it is a very generous size in thickness... Which brings me to a very important point about all your merchandise; your prices are extremely reasonable! Most places really get you on postage, generally over-charging, like they think your an idiot and have never mailed anything. Anyway, point is KUDOS to you, and THANK YOU! It is noted and appreciated by all your devoted fans, I'm sure; certainly by this one. This way, I am able to afford to get ALL your wonderful, gorgeous stuff! And I do love your art!
Mary Zigenis